Image by CEX

The National Association of Promoter Centers of Excellence-CEX has recognized eight Spanish organizations in the national phase of the Quality Innovation Award, QIA. This competition was created in 2007 by Excellence Finland to promote innovative projects in companies and organizations, share experiences and give local and international recognition, with the ultimate goal of increasing the competitiveness of companies. On December 4, the awards ceremony in its national phase was held in Madrid.

In addition, the QiA awards have 8 sectors in which to encompass the different innovation projects:

Microenterprise and Startup Award to Plusindes, S.L. for its Retiplus System.

Pyme Award to PigCHAMP Pro Europe for its platform for evaluating biosecurity protocols and predicting disease outbreaks in the farm.

Grand Company Award to TSK electrónica y electricidad, S.A. for its aerial system of supervision of industrial plants.

Responsible Innovation and Renewable Resources Award to Biofactoría naturae et salus, S.A. for his project “More food, less waste”.

Educational Sector Award to Santillana Global, S.L. for the Set Twenty-one project.

Public Sector Award to the University of Alcalá for MESMERISE®.

Potential Innovation Award to the Centro Tecnológico del calzado de la Rioja for developing a biodegradable bacterial cellulose of biological origin.

Health Sector Award to AntalGenics for the design and development of an innovative neurocosmetic to soothe sensitive skin.

AG1549: a neurocosmetic to improve sensitive skin

The project presented by AntalGenics represents the work of the company in the development of a neurocosmetic ingredient with 360º effect on sensitive and atopic skin. This active ingredient has important functions to improve the quality of sensitive skin.

Its 360º effect on the sensory neurons of the skin and epidermal cells is based on the reinforcement of the barrier function, improving the hydration of the skin, its potent antioxidant action that protects the epidermal cells and their action reducing the hyperreactivity of the sensory neurons, calming the itching sensation.

After the success of the national phase, AntalGenics goes to the international round with the idea of ​​demonstrating that the research and, above all, the work and dedication of its team, translate into products that improve the quality of life of society.