NEOTEC 2017 Programme – EXP-00104459/SNEO-20171251: Development of new drugs focused on psoriatic pruritus and neurocosmetics for the treatment of sensitive skin

RETOS-COLABORACIÓN 2017 Programme – RTC-2017-6507-1: Validation and pre-clinical development of new treatments for arthritic pain

CREATEC-CV 2017 Programme – IMCBTA/2017/16: Development and validation of new neurocosmetical products for atopic dermatitis

Competitive Loan ENISA Crecimiento 2018Partial funding of the company’s strategic development plan

CREATEC-CV 2018 Programme – IMCBTA/2018/10: Development of a new neurocosmetical product for seborrheic dermatitis

ERDF Operational Programme of the Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020 within the “Programme for Advice to Companies on Internationalisation Matters: Internationalisation Tutorials Check” promoted by IVACE – Internationalisation Advisory Programme (ITTUIT / 2018/4)

CREATEC-CV 2019 Programme – IMCBTA/2019/19: Development of a new neurocosmetical product for chemical-induced sensitive skin

Grant for the monitoring and execution plans of the internationalization tutoring programmes of SMEs of the Valencian Region promoted by IVACE (ITATUT / 2019/98)

CDTI 2020 Programme – IDI-20200357: Preclinical development of new drugs for the treatment of psoriatic pruritus

This company is capitalized by Innvierte, a CDTI, E.P.E. investment programme

R&D Projects in Public-Private Collaboration – CPP2021-008824: Development of a new drug to treat psoriatic pruritus

Capital Cell investment round

Internationalization Strategic Consulting Program – ITCOES/2022/12: Internationalization of cosmetic ingredients

Support a la promoció exterior 2022INTPRM/2022/420

R&D Projects for SME (PIDI-CV) – IMIDTA/2023/83: Implementation of in silico processes for identification and development of cosmetic active ingredients that improve aging and/or diabetic-prone skin

Support a la promoció exterior 2023INTPRM/2023/918