Halal Quality Policy

AntalGenics, S.L., is an organization dedicated to:

  • Design, development, research, and commercialize bioactive molecules within the field of sensory neurobiology for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications.
  • Develop personalized R&D-projects that generate intellectual property for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and cosmeceutical sectors,

We are committed to fulfil the Halal Quality Policy detailed below, showing our compromise with the requirements and needs of the Muslim community:

  •  Establish, develop, and keep updated a Halal Quality Management System:
    • To appoint an internal HALAL Quality Manager who takes responsibility for any ethical and personal issues.
    • To accomplish with the prescriptions established by the HALAL Certification Entity.
    • To use exclusively HALAL materials for the manufacturing of our products.
    • To avoid the use of forbidden ingredients (haram) in our products.
    • To keep updated all the necessary documentation to accomplish with the regulations of the Halal Guarantee Mark of Junta Islámica.
    • To correctly label our HALAL products, according to the regulations of the Halal Guarantee Mark of Junta Islámica.
  • Ensure compliance with customer expectations:
    • To ensure compliance with the requirements that are agreed with customers regarding Halal Guarantee Mark, including exportation requirements and HALAL specific regulation of each country.
  • Compliance with current legal regulations:
    • To comply with legal and regulatory standards of different destination countries where our HALAL certified products are supplied.
    • To provide the necessary resources to ensure that our HALAL ingredients comply with the Islamic regulations.
  • Staff involvement:
    • To properly train and sensitize employees implicated in the developing, manufacturing and commercialization of our HALAL certified products.

The management team of AntalGenics, S.L. commits to review and modify, if applicable, this Halal Quality Policy on a regular basis, ensuring that all sections are still in force, and that their content is consistent with the company objectives, as well as with the expectations and needs of our customers.


Signed by Direction

August 2021