On February 11 we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We have been doing it since UNESCO decided to declare this day in 2015 to recognize the critical role that women and girls play in science and technology.

According to UNESCO, this day is a reminder that women and girls play a vital role in science and technology communities, and that their participation must be strengthened.

For this reason, we want to value the great work that women scientists do at AntalGenics, and highlight how science is the engine of innovation and progress. To do this, we have asked some of our women scientists to tell us about their work in order to show the different options that girls have if they want to dedicate themselves to science:

Women in Science AntalGenics

Ana Espinosa

Ana is operations manager at AntalGenics, her job consists of keeping up to date with new research to obtain funding as well as interacting with clients of the R&D services, to find out their interests and how to help them develop their research projects.

As a child, Ana was a curious and observant girl who was interested in knowing the why of everything and understanding life. This led her to study biology to later dedicate hierelf to investigating the necessary processes for the formation of the nervous system.

For girls who want to dedicate themselves to science, Ana recommends that nothing stop them, that they should be strong and determined. It is a difficult path, but it is worth it if this is your dream!

Mónica García

Monica is a laboratory technician at AntalGenics, she defines her day to day as fun, since technicians perform in vivo and in vitro tests. She also finds the world of cell culture exciting and continuous learning.

Monica was always interested in discovering the why of many things and putting them into practice, enjoying the technical environment in the laboratory.

Monica’s message for girls who want to dedicate themselves to science is not to give up when something does not work out, it is a long journey in which they will have stages rich in knowledge and personal growth as future scientists.

Nuria García

Nuria is the head of cosmeceutical ingredients development at AntalGenics. Her daily work depends a lot on the stage of development in which the cosmeceutical actives are. In general, she combines the search for services that the company may need with being up-to-date in news and launches, but the most important thing is to be up to date with scientific news, since it is of great importance to improve AntalGenics assets, as well as detect new development opportunities.

As a child, Nuria was curious about science thanks to a good teacher at the institute. She motivated her to learn more about what was going on inside the cells. For this reason, Nuria encourages girls who want to dedicate themselves to science to do what they propose without putting up barriers. That they learn a lot from the road and that they find a place in science that makes them enjoy their day to day.

María José López

As head of marketing, María José is in charge of studying the market, keeping up to date with news and innovations in the sector, looking for new clients and managing the company’s communication so that AntalGenics’ work can reach the whole world. .

As a child, María José used to mix shampoo with shower gel to create the ultimate bath product. Later she became interested in knowing what was the purpose of the last molecule of a living being, which led her to study biology and later on biochemistry.

See advises girls who want to dedicate themselves to science to do what they want to do, without worrying about professional opportunities or corseted roles. Science can be fun and is done in many ways, you just have to find your place.

Magdalena Nikolaeva

Maggie is a project leader at AntalGenics, her job is to plan the projects, run the experiments, analyse the data and draw conclusions from them and then start over.

As a child Maggie wanted to answer specific questions and try to understand how the environment and ourselves worked, which led her to dedicate herself to science. For those girls who are considering dedicating themselves to science, Maggie tells them that if they have concerns, if they question everything, if they are curious, if they want to know why, for what and how, if they want to find answers for themselves, possibly they were born to be scientists.

Cristina Palacios

Cristina is a project leader at AntalGenics. So her day to day in the lab is very similar to Maggie’s.

As a child, Cristina became interested in science in order to learn how the human body works. In addition to knowing that biologically everything happens for a reason, which has led us to be able to cure diseases and improve the quality of life of people who suffer from them.

For those girls who want to dedicate themselves to science, Cristina advises them to pursue their passions both inside and outside of school or institute. You can be a scientist in many ways, the only way to know them is by investigating everything you can be.

Verónica Rivero

Verónica is a project manager at AntalGenics. Her day to day combines moments of continuing to study and learning about new topics or delving into others, but also to continue working in experimental and manual work.

Since she was little, Verónica has always been fascinated by the way life works. She loved human anatomy, physiology, and understanding how and why diseases happen. Actually, she wanted to study medicine, because she also wanted to help people who needed it, which led her to carry out various health studies, and practicing it. But she wanted to go further, to be able to help from the base of life. Which led her to study and dedicate herself to biochemistry, helping to improve the quality of life of many people.

Verónica’s advice for girls who want to dedicate themselves to science is never to give up, even if they say they are not worth it or make things difficult for them. Luckily, many gender injustices are disappearing, and there is more and more talk of female referents, previously silenced women, who have been great scientists in all areas.

But she would also tell them that science is a way of thinking and seeing life. You don’t need to work in a laboratory. Doing science is also, for example, learning to teach other people to understand and enjoy it.

Tania Trujillo

Tania is a Lab Technician at AntalGenics. She defines her work as very rewarding. Since she really enjoys doing the experiments and seeing the results. Although she recognizes that sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when something does not work or simply stops working, but they are things that are intrinsic in science and especially in research.

When she was little, Tania was not sure what she wanted to do, but what was true is that she always got very good grades in science subjects. This made her suspect what her path would be. The trigger was when she had to choose the branch of high school. Could she continue her studies by giving up her favourite subject, biology? The answer was a resounding no. At that time it was clear to her that she would dedicate himself to science.

For girls who want to dedicate themselves to science, Tania advises them to fight to achieve their dreams and to train very well to be very good scientists.


The future is in their hands.

Cover image by Herney Gómez from Pixabay